The dancesport schooleague is a grass routes program for educational schools, the program allows individuals who do not wish to participate in traditional sports the chance to gain recognition, achieve new goals, with opportunities to represent their school and their country.

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More About DSSL:

The original concept was the brain child of some passionate individuals based in South Africa. They devised the original concept and deployed in South Africa to various schools. In just a few years they expanded into three provinces and further developed the idea. Around a year ago they linked up with IDS and one of the original founders of DSSL is a director of IDS.

The IDS has since assisted in developing the program further; making amendments; adding more syllabus; bringing in more and more industry experts to aid with continued expansion and development of the program. Being a product of the IDS, the DSSL has grown and expanded in all areas that IDS have already introduced. IDS boarded many other countries, such as Nederland's, Germany, United Kingdom, China, to name a few, that will also implement DSSL. If your country is interested in getting involved, request an information pack by email.